As a royal city, Curtea de Arges Romania deserves all the best! That’s why Kranz Eurocenter Bucharest has chosen to use the experience and quality natural stones materials provided by Aldur!

Ca oras regal, Curtea de Arges Romania merita tot ce este mai bun! Tocmai de aceea Kranz Eurocenter Bucuresti a ales sa foloseasca experienta si calitatea produselor livrate de Aldur Turcia pentru lucrarile de pavaj cu piatra naturala!


Aldur is a group of companies, established in 1993 for basalt cubes production and became the biggest basalt producer of Turkey today.Our basalt quarry is located near container terminals as well as bulk loading ports near Aliaga region.This gives us a big chance to support our clients with minimized logistic costs.

We are also dealing with Grey Granite since long years.We have started as exporters , then managing a quarry and finally we have established our own plant for Granite cutting in mid-2019.

We also have started to excavate our Red Basalt quarry ( under loyalty rights for 20 years) in December 2019.This material is also very strong and durable with perfect specifications , even for outdoor uses in hard weather conditions.


  • Izmır-Aliaga
    Black basalt quarry
    Basalt crushıng plant
    Granules dyıng plant
    Cut to sıze productıon factory
  • Manisa, Muradiye
    Red basalt quarry
    Red basalt cut to size production factory
    Manisa- Muradiye
  • Izmir-Bergama
    Granite Cut To Size Production


Basalt Quarry

We produce semi-finished and final products from basalt.

Basalt Cobbelstones

Basalt wallstones

Basalt Railway Ballast

Basalt Blasting Sands

Basalt Granules

Fine basalt powder

Dyed Basalt Granules


Basalt crushing plant.

Aldur is producing semi-finished and final products in own plants located in the quarry.


Dying Basalt Granules

Dyed Basalt Granules for Shingle and Membrane production are crushed and dyed in our own facilities according to the requirements of the market


Basalt & Granite Cutting plant

We cut basalt and granite in required dimensions. We can produce kerbs and rain gutters as well.

Manisa, Muradiye

Kırmızı Bazalt (Porfir) Ocağı

Unique red basalt quarry in Turkey by all means of color & sustainability Red basalt quarry in Manisa Now producing blocks for cutting, also split materials



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Export Department

Ertugrul Ersen




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Bozdevlittepe , Caltidere Koyu , Aliaga-Izmir